From action movies and dramas to war films and even comedies, there has long been an association between guns and Hollywood. Whether it’s a full blown shootout on the city streets, special forces operatives taking fire behind enemy lines, or simply a hero going head to head with his nemesis, the use of firearms is prevalent on the silver screen.

There are many gun fights that have gone down in history as some of the best scenes committed to film, bringing thrills, action and a sense of danger to audiences. But what about the guns themselves that are depicted?

Let’s take a look at some of the models used by characters in a range of blockbusters through the years. And if you’re looking to pick up a new airsoft gun, a replica inspired by one of the weapons used in your favourite movie from our list would make a fine choice.

Dr. No

Undoubtedly one of the most famous guns in cinema is James Bond’s Walther PPK. As Bond’s signature pistol, the Walther has been featured in almost every Bond film through the years. In the first Bond film Dr. No, released in 1962, audiences see Sean Connery’s Bond being issued his PPK by M, and the gun has been by 007’s side ever since. Aficionados might notice that the gun used in the film was actually a Walther PP, however it is referred to as a PPK and was replaced by the correct model in subsequent films.

the godfather part ii

The second in Francis Ford Coppola’s three part Italian mafia saga was released in 1972 and is often thought of as the highlight of the trilogy. In the film, we see a young Vito Corleone played by Robert De Nero growing up in Sicily and taking his first steps in the American crime scene after emigrating to New York. The movie also shows Vito’s son Michael, played by Al Pacino, managing the family business during the 1950s. There are a range of period correct guns used during the movie, including a Webley MK IV which is used by Vito to assassinate local mob boss Don Fanucci after he extorts money from Vito’s crime gang.


In perhaps one of his most famous ever roles, Al Pacino delivers an explosive performance as Tony Montana in the 1983 crime drama Scarface, directed by Brian De Palma. From humble beginnings as a Cuban refugee, Tony quickly rises to the top of the Miami crime scene in a story that explores topics of greed, corruption, power and violence. At the climax of the movie, Tony introduces his enemies to his “little friend” during a siege at his Miami Mansion. The friend in question is a Colt AR-15 equipped with M203 grenade launcher, which needless to say causes some damage before Tony is ultimately taken down in dramatic fashion.


Between time travelling in The Terminator and battling aliens in Predator, Arnold Schwartzenegger played the lead as John Matrix in the 1985 combat action movie Commando. As a former Delta Force Commander, Matrix embarks on a mission to rescue his daughter who has been kidnapped by mercenaries working for a former South American dictator. Commando was well received by audiences at the time of its release and helped to cement Arnie as one of the leading action stars of the 80s and 90s. As you’d expect, there are a number of guns used throughout the movie, including a Remington 870 shotgun customsied with a laser sight which Matrix uses during the final battle scene.

die hard

Released in 1988, Die Hard is considered by many to be one of the most memorable action movies of the 80s. It tells the story of police officer John McClain, played by Bruce Willis, and his one man mission against a group of German terrorists who are holding civilians hostage at the top of the Nakatomi Plaza in LA on Christmas Eve. As his wife is amongst the hostages, McClain pulls no punches in ascending the office block, taking on terrorists as he goes before a final showdown with the leader Hans Gruber, played by Alan Rickman. McClain uses a number of weapons to complete his mission, including various submachine guns taken from terrorists, however his primary weapon used throughout the movie is a Beretta 92F.

falling down

In 1993’s Falling Down, Michael Douglas plays the lead role of former US defence engineer William Foster trying to make it across LA to reach his young daughter’s birthday party. However, the unhinged character isn’t having the best of days and a series of events set him off on a path of destruction. Early in the move we see Foster equipping himself with a baseball bat during a grocery store scene, however as the story unfolds the drama intensifies and the character picks up more weapons along the way. He notably acquires a bag of guns from a gang that he confronts, and in the final standoff is armed with a 1911 series pistol in the form of a Colt Government Mk IV Series 70.


Released in 1995, Heat is a crime drama movie directed by Michael Mann which tells the story of a group of elite armed robbers, lead by Robert De Niro’s character Chris McCauley, and the LAPD Lieutenant who is out to stop them, played by Al Pacino. Although the two Hollywood heavyweights had appeared in the same movies before, Heat was famously the first time they had shared scenes together. Heat features a variety of different guns being used, however it is the movie’s running gun battles through the streets of LA that are some of the most intense. Here we see robbers including Chris and his accomplice Neil, played by Val Kilmer, using M4 style rifles such as a Colt Model 654 and 733 as they fend off chasing police officers while making their getaway with holdalls full of cash.

the matrix (1999)

The Matrix wowed movie fans when it was released in 1999 with its groundbreaking special effects and story about Neo, played by Keanue Reeves, who discovers that the world as we know it is simulation controlled by an all powerful AI. The Matrix is known for its groundbreaking action scenes and ruthless villains called agents, whose leader Agent Smith, is played by Hugo Weaving. During the movie, Smith fights against Neo and a group of humans who have escaped from The Matrix, and can be seen brandishing a Desert Eagle Mark XIX throughout, including during the famous bullet dodging scene set atop a building.

black hawk down

Released in 2001, Black Hawk Down is a Ridley Scott directed movie that tells the real life story of the US military’s battle with Somali militia forces in Mogadishu after the collapse of the government in the country. Following the downing of a Black Hawk helicopter, and a number of US personnel becoming trapped in the city including Delta Force and Ranger operators, the movie depicts the harrowing events as they try to survive and escape. The ensemble cast includes Tom Sizemore as LTC Danny McKnight who leads the Delta Force operation, Jason Isaacs as Ranger leader CPT Mike Steele and Ewan McGregor as SPC John Grimes. During the film, Delta Force personnel including SFC Gibson, played by Eric Bana, use Colt Model 727 and 733 rifles equipped with various scopes and flashlight attachments.

road to perdition

Set in 1930’s America, Road to Perdition was directed by Sam Mendez and stars Tom Hanks in the lead role as a Chicago mafia enforcer who takes his young son on a journey of revenge against the son of a mob boss, played by Daniel Craig, who murdered their family. Hanks received critical acclaim for his performance, which was a step away from the typical good guy roles audiences were used to seeing him in at the time, and can be seen using a .45 ACP Thompson submachine gun at various points throughout the film. Initially designed as a combat weapon, the Thompson has long been associated with prohibition era gangsters and was used by notorious figures such as Al Capone and John Dillinger.

pirates of the caribbean

Inspired by a ride at the DisneyLand theme park, Pirates of the Caribbean is an adventure comedy franchise that has spawned five movies to date, with Johnny Depp starring in the lead role as loveable rogue Jack Sparrow. In the first movie The Curse of the Black Pearl, which was released in 2003, Captain Sparrow heads off to rescue both his ship and the daughter of a Governor, played by Keira Knightly, from a band of mutinous undead pirates. Set in the 18th century, the swashbuckling movie includes sword fights as well as battles with Flintlock pistols, which Sparrow uses as his main sidearm of choice.

the bourne ultimatum (2007)

The Bourne franchise helped to propel Matt Damon, starring as Jason Bourne, into serious action hero territory playing a former CIA assassin gone rogue. The series follows Bourne on a mission to uncover the truth about a secret government project called Treadstone that gave him extraordinary combat and espionage abilities. In The Bourne Ultimatum, the third movie in the series released in 2007, Jason Bourne heads to take down the CIA chiefs running a new programme called Blackbrior. Hugely adept at armed combat, Bourne uses a number of weapons during his missions. These include a Glock 17 which he is seen with both during flashbacks to his time in the Treadstone programme and in modern day New York as he closes in on his targets, and is one of a number of Glock pistols used in the movie.

shoot 'em up

Shoot ‘Em Up is a fast paced action comedy released in 2007 starring Clive Owen as the lead character Mr. Smith, who teams up with Donna, played by Monica Belucci, to rescue a newborn baby from chasing assassins. The film features a lot of over the top scenes and delivers an intense, unrelenting viewing experience which has earned it a following amongst movie fans who enjoy action that doesn’t take itself too seriously. As the title suggests, there are a lot of shootouts during the course of the Shoot ‘Em Up. Smith picks up weapons as he goes, ranging from hand guns to assault rifles, including a Heckler & Koch G36C which he uses during the siege of a weapons factory owned and operated by one of the head villains of the film.

the hurt locker

The 2008 Best Picture Oscar winner, The Hurt Locker, tells the story of a US Army bomb disposal team on a year long deployment during the Iraq war. Initially tasked with disarming IEDs in the area, the team also takes on insurgent forces and are targeted by local militia. Jeremy Renner picked up an Academy Award nomination for best actor playing the lead role as Sergeant William James who heads up the team in this often highly tense movie, which also explores the psychological impact of war on soldiers. James and other members of his team use M4A1 carbine rifles throughout, often seen equipped with optical sights. Eagle eyed observers will also notice that in some scenes, airsoft replicas were used in the movie for scenes where the guns weren’t being fired.

django unchained

Released in 2012, Django Unchained is a modern take on classic westerns and was directed by Quentin Tarantino. The movie follows the story of former slave Django, played by Jamie Fox, who teams up with a bounty hunter and former dentist named Dr. Shultz, played by Christoph Waltz, to rescue Django’s wife from Leonardo Dicaprio’s sadistic plantation owner Calvin Candie. The film features a number of shootouts, in classic blood splattered Tarantino style, with characters using weapons appropriate for the 19th century setting. Along with a range of shotguns and rifles, both Django and Schultz use compact Derringer pistols as their main sidearms.

the avengers

The Avengers has become one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, with a catalogue of films, games and merchandise racking up billions in revenue for Marvel and its parent company Disney. While previous films had focused on individual characters such as iron Man and Captain America, it was The Avengers released in 2012 that brought the team together for the first time. Being superheroes, most of the characters don’t carry conventional weapons, instead relying on superhuman powers or using special pieces of equipment such as Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s suit or Captain America’s shield. However, as a ‘regular’ human, the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, carries a Smith & Wesson M&P throughout the movie.

john wick

John Wick, released in 2014, was a hit with cinema audiences as well as critics, and has gone on to spawn a number of sequels. In the original movie, Keanu Reeves played the titular character who heads off on a one man trail of destruction in search of revenge against the organised crime boss who killed his dog, which was a gift left to him by his recently deceased wife. As one of the world’s best professional private assassins before he retired, Wick certainly knows his way around a weapon and arms himself from his hidden cache before heading off to do battle. One of his primary guns is a Coharie Arms CA-415, which is an American made version of the Heckler & Koch HK416.

american sniper

Bradley Cooper starred as Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle in this 2014 biopic directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie is based on Kyle’s autobiography and focuses on the story of him serving as a sniper during tours in the Iraq conflicts, racking up the highest number of kills in US military history. The movie also follows Kyle when he returns from duty and shows the impact his time in the army had on him adapting back into civilian life. Kyle uses a number of sniper rifles during the film, including a Remington Mk 13 which he is equipped with on his first tour of Iraq, complete with bipod, scope and suppressor.

the accountant

In the 2016 action thriller The Accountant, Ben Affleck stars as Christian Wolff, a forensic accounting genius selling his services to international crime organisations who suspect internal theft from their operations. As someone with high functioning Autism, Wolff is incredibly skilled at uncovering discrepancies in the movement of cash, however soon finds himself under investigation by the US Treasury Department. The movie features a number of action sequences as Wolff goes on the run from the government whilst also battling to take down a team of assassins sent by a dubious robotics company he’s doing business with. Luckily Wolff has a number of weapons on hand for exactly such events, including a Daniel Defence MK18 Mod 1 which he uses in the final shootout.

the gentlemen

Director Guy Ritchie’s stylish 2019 movie The Gentlemen stars Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Pearson, an American expat who has risen to the top of the UK underworld and who wants to sell his business so that he can retire. Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell among others also star, with Hunnam playing the role of Mickey’s right hand man, Raymond. Although based in the UK, a number of characters use firearms during the movie which audiences can assume are not strictly legal. One such item is a compact Derringer style pistol which is gifted to Mickey, and the character claims throughout the movie that it is in fact a “paperweight”. As Mickey’s top enforcer, Raymond carries a suppressed Heckler & Koch MP5K, which he pulls out from under his trench coat to ward off a gang trying to rob him in a London underpass.


Tenet is a sci-fi action movie directed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2020. In the film, John David Washington takes on the role of an unnamed character known as ‘The Protagonist’, a former CIA agent working for a mysterious organisation who uses time travel to prevent a catastrophic war. Tenet followed other Nolan movies like Inception by combining intricate storylines and mind-bending sequences to keep audiences guessing. The Protagonist uses a number of weapons to take on terrorist enemies throughout the film’s many action sequences, and in the final showdown he’s equipped with a Heckler & Koch HK416 assault rifle.