Where do you ship?

We ship within the United Kingdom and Europe, as well as selected items to US/Canada.

How do you ship?

We send items via Royal Mail and DPD, however any Realistic Imitation Firearms or high value items are sent via UPS.

How much is shipping? 

Any accessories up to 1kg in weight are sent via Royal Mail or DPD at a cost of £5.99. Any RIFs and accessories over 1kg in weight are sent via UPS next day delivery at a cost of £7.99.

Can you disassemble guns before shipping?


Can you order parts for me?

Yes we can order parts for your gun if they are available.

Please look in the manual for you gun and find the EXACT part number and email us, we can then provide a price and lead time for the part. Payment is required in advance normally.

I want to know if a product is in stock?

Our stock status on our website is real time. If our website shows the ADD TO CART button next to a product, that means the product is physically in stock and sitting in our warehouse, and ready to be shipped to you immediately. An exception to this is pre-order products, wehere you buy the item to allocate the stock to you as soon as it is available.

If you see the words "Out of Stock" on our website next to a product, that means the product is not in stock.

Can you email me when a product comes in stock?

Our website has a STOCK ALERT function.

What currency are your prices?

GBP - British Pounds. If ordering from abroad your bank may charge you a slightly different rate. 

How do I pay?

We accept credit card, debit card and PayPal. Please note that we do not accept personal cheques.

How do I pay through PAYPAL?

Simply place an order on our site and select PAYPAL as you desired form of payment. You will be taken to the Paypal website automatically at the end of your checkout process.

What happens if I receive a faulty or malfunctioning product?

Our team of professional customer service representatives will be glad to assist you. You need to email info@landwarriorairsoft.com with your order number for a return authorisation. If the product in question is an airsoft gun, you can easily send it to our technical centre for repair. 

What is your return policy?

We accept returns for store exchange credit. A 10% restocking fee may be applied on returned items.

Full Return Policy Details.

Is airsoft legal where I live?

Airsoft is legal in many countries, though their legality is still hotly disputed in others. Always check your local laws ! In the UK airsoft as a hobby is legal however there are tight restrictions in place regarding the sale, import and manufacture of realistic replicas . To learn about these restrictions visit http://www.ukara.org.uk/

Legality of Airsoft and What Options Exist For Me?.

Can you paint guns 2-Tone for UK?

Yes, we can two tone paint any RIF we sell on our website. Please see our custom work page for charges.

Can you ship to UKARA registered members?

If you are a UKARA registered member, then we can ship to you without any problems. When placing your order, please enter your UKARA number. Once you provide it, we will look into the UKARA database to confirm your details. Once confirmed, we will ship your gun to you along with your UKARA number in the shipping invoice. 

Please note, we cannot accept UKASA as a valid defence.

How long will orders take to reach me?

On business days we will usually ship orders within 24 hours . Depending on postage option your delivery will usually take between 24 and 48 hours from despatch on mainland UK. We cannot be responsible for delays outside of our control and the customer is responsible for checking any local holidays that may cause delays.

What guarantees are offered?

Unless airsoft is illegal in your country, we offer a MONEY-BACK guarantee that you will receive your order. Should you find damage or problems with your purchase, please contact us within 24 hours for immediate action.

Each product has a different warranty, if in doubt please contact us for the warranty for the specific product.

If an agreement has been reached for you to return any damaged or malfunctioning goods, You, Yourself are required to bear all shipping fees for all shipments incurred by any returns to Land Warrior Airsoft Ltd.

Please note that we do not recognise technicians outside of our trained technical staff, items that have taken to 3rd party Airsoft technicians, or you yourself to disassemble or repair will not be covered by Land Warrior Airsoft Ltd.

What is your privacy policy?

We treat your personal information with the utmost respect. We do not sell, pass on or distribute your details outside of Land Warrior Airsoft Ltd

Will I be charged import taxes or duties?

Some countries will tax imported goods and this may apply to you. However, even this is not consistent for every state or region within each country, and the shipping company will also make a difference as to whether tax is charged or not. Taxation and import duties also might not be applied if customs does not inspect your package.

However, please understand that in some cases, your country may elect to charge a tax on items you order from Land Warrior Airsoft. We have no control of this. If your government requests that you pay tax on your purchase, you must pay it to receive the product. We are not responsible for paying your taxes. If an order is returned to us due to your refusal to pay import tax, we will charge a 10% restocking fee if the order is returned to us as a result. The shipping fee will also NOT be refunded. Kindly ensure you understand this policy before purchasing from us.

Why should I buy from Land Warrior Airsoft?

If our excellent service rivaling that of major online retailers and competitively priced products are what you're looking for, then you have come to the right place. Our AEGs are priced equal to, and in most cases beat most smaller companies. We deal direct with manufactures to ensure you get nothing but the best service. Our emphasis is on service and we are known for our excellent customer service. We do not just want a quick sale from a one off customer, we want you to use Land Warrior Airsoft Ltd for all of your airsoft needs. With the fastest and most secure system available and a state of the art website you can trust Land Warrior Airsoft Ltd. Most of our competitors have a bare bones system, work from non dedicated addresses and simply cannot guarantee the back up for your rifle if and when it goes wrong. Land Warrior Airsoft can always help you, all year round. 

How many chargers do I need to buy?

You only need one charger to power your entire AEG collection. Don't be fooled by other retailers that make you think you need to buy one charger for each AEG. However buying a decent quality charger is a good idea. Especially one capable of recharging and balancing both Lipo and Nickel based batteries

Do you buy or sell second-hand guns?

Yes, but only in store. We can accept trade in rifles, they must have the original box, be unpainted and in good condition. We do not offer more money for additional items with the rifle. 

Should I reuse BBs?

Under no circumstances can you re use BBs. Used BBs may contain cracks and deformations from being fired or hitting a target that will almost certainly ruin your gun.

Can you upgrade / power-up guns?

Yes we do. Land Warrior Airsoft Ltd is one of the leading companies in terms of upgrades. If you require a specific upgrade you can contact our technicians who can talk you through the options. 

Some upgrades do not carry any warranty, high power or high speed set ups are sadly difficult to keep running. While we do take care to ensure the longevity of the work we cannot offer a full guarantee.

How loud are airsoft guns?

Gas blowback guns typically sound similar in nature and loudness to popping a fully inflated balloon. AEGs are a little bit quieter and almost sound like a hammer smashing loudly on a plank of thick wood. No airsoft gun can possibly match the loudness of a real gun.

How strong is the recoil on airsoft guns?

AEGs typically generate little to no recoil. You can feel an intense vibration when firing in full-auto mode. Recoil is present in gas blowback guns and handguns will generally kick in your hand when fired in semi or full auto mode. Keeping your aim will require a steady grip as the gun kicks up. However, the recoil is far far softer than a real gun. While the recoil on a real gun is strong enough to lift your arm entirely, a strong kick on an airsoft pistol will only kick and pivot your wrist.

My order was shipped by UPS and the parcel delivery is delayed. Is there a UPS number I can call to check on it?

If your order was shipped by UPS and delivery to you has been delayed, you may contact your local UPS office directly to inquire. UPS provides toll free numbers in the countries listed below. Please have your tracking number ready when you call them.

Country Name: Finland -- Toll Free Number:0800-1-877-877

Country Name: Germany -- Toll Free Number:0800-882-6630

Country Name: USA -- Toll Free Number:1-800-782-7892

Country Name: Canada -- Toll Free Number:1-800-742-5877

Country Name: United Kingdom -- Toll Free Number:08457-877-877

Country Name: Belgium -- Toll Free Number:0800-12828

Country Name: Spain -- Toll Free Number:900-102-410

Country Name: France -- Toll Free Number:0800-877-877

Country Name: Norway -- Toll Free Number:0800-33470

How to calculate Joules and FPS?

Joules measures the energy of a BB as it is fired and impacted upon its target. Joules accounts for both the speed and weight of the BB to caculated total energy of impact.

Velocity, or Feet Per Second (FPS) as it is usually referred to, simply measures the speed of the BB without taking into account its weight. All of our rifles are chronographed with a 0.20 gram BB

Do you wholesale?

Yes, please inquire with us. We currently supply many retailers worldwide. Special pricing is available. 

Do you have a telephone number to take orders? 

Telephone orders can be on: 0131 654 2452 Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 17.00 hrs

Please note that web orders are processed faster and are more secure.

Are there times during the year which you are closed for business?

Yes, we observe major holidays. During these days, we will post a notice on our main page informing customers of this. Basically when the post office is closed, we are unable to ship our products out. You can send us orders and these will be processed on the first business day following the holiday in the order in which they were received. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their goods arrive before holidays take effect. 

I've sent many emails to you but have not gotten a response. What's going on? 

Please be sure to send to our info@landwarriorairsoft.com address. If you sent your inquiry during a public holiday or a weekend, please expect an answer by the following business day.

Please do not use our Facebook page for stock or order enquiries. This page is often not managed from a point that has access to our internal system. 

Also beware that some mail servers block our email address. If you have not received a response from us for a long time, consider mailing us from a Hotmail or Yahoo email account, or you can call our office directly.