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Desert Eagle Airsoft Pistols

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Desert Eagle Airsoft Pistols

If you're looking for an airsoft piece to bring a touch of class and quality to your game whilst also being a reliable sidearm that you recognise from the world of true combat, there is simply no option aside from the Desert Eagle.

About the Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle was originally developed by Magnum Research in the late 1970s and manufactured by Israel Military Industries, the company behind the famous Uzi range. Having been featured in over 600 films, TV shows and video games, it has firmly sealed itself as one of pop culture's best-known weapons alongside others such as 1911 series pistols and the famous AK rifle family, which are also available in airsoft form. Seeing use by the Portuguese, Polish and Russian special forces, the Desert Eagle is a reliable, accurate and incredibly thorough device for getting the job done.

Desert Eagle Airsoft Replicas

Desert Eagle airsoft replicas offer the same look and feel as the original, providing a fully licensed and reliable sidearm to use alongside your main airsoft rifle. It’s a popular choice for players looking for an airsoft pistol with real presence, featuring realistic gas blowback and semi or full auto modes, and there are some great quality models available from brands such as Tokyo Marui in a range of finishes including black or chrome.

Here at Land Warrior we offer great deals on a wide range of airsoft pistols and rifles, including the best Desert Eagle replicas, so you can get out on the field with the tools you deserve.