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Airsoft Batteries, Gas & BBs

MIAD/MOE Lube Bottle Core - Black
MagpulMIAD/MOE Lube Bottle Core - Black
In Stock
Nuprol RZR Precision BBs - 0.32g (3500)
NuprolNuprol RZR Precision BBs - 0.32g (3500)
Out of Stock
Nuprol RZR Precision BBs - 0.25g
NuprolNuprol RZR Precision BBs - 0.25g
In Stock
Abbey Gun Blu Gel - 75g Bottle
AbbeyAbbey Gun Blu Gel - 75g Bottle
In Stock
Nuprol Essential NiMH/N-Cd Charger
NuprolNuprol Essential NiMH/N-Cd Charger
In Stock

Airsoft Batteries, Gas & BBs

Selecting the right airsoft ammunition and consumables can make a huge difference to how you play the game, as well as ensuring you never run out of supplies.

Whether you need to replace the batteries for your electric airsoft rifle, or require spares as backup, we have some of the best on the market. Though the most common voltage for airsoft batteries sits in the range of 7.2v to 9.6v, you can find batteries that provide up to 12.8v. A general rule is that the higher the voltage, the faster the rate of fire and trigger response.

When it comes to airsoft gas, the most common types of gas used are propane (also known as green gas) and CO2. The gas is responsible for propelling the BB down the barrel of the gun and is effectively an alternative method of firing to electric and spring airsoft guns.

Ammunition for airsoft usually comes in the form of BBs, also known as airsoft pellets. They typically sit at a diameter of 6mm and are usually made of plastic. Airsofts BBs are available in a range of densities and weights, with options for pistols, rifles and airsoft sniper rifles designed to suit various range and playing style requirements.

Another essential for those that view airsoft as more of a dedicated sport than a casual game, airsoft chronographs are a piece of equipment that can be used to measure the different aspects of your gun's output. Chronographs are usually small and handheld so they don't interfere with how you play.


Whether you're a veteran or new to the sport, here at Land Warrior Airsoft we offer a huge range of high-quality, affordable and dependable airsoft ammunition, gas and batteries available with fast delivery and all backed by our price match promise.