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Scalarworks Red Dot Sights and Accessories

Scalarworks: Featherweight champions of optic mounts. Conquer the competition with ultra-light, bombproof mounts for your red dot. Aimpoint T2? LEAP mounts are your match. Innovation, strength, and speed - dominate the range, not your weight. Search "Scalarworks red dot mount" and experience the difference.
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Scalarworks Red Dot Sights and Accessories

Scalarworks: Precision Engineered, Featherweight Champions in the World of Optics Mounts

Searching for the ultimate red dot mount? Look no further than Scalarworks. This American-made brand specialises in high-performance optic mounts for rifles, pistols, and shotguns, pushing the boundaries of strength, weight, and innovation.

Lightweight Domination:
Shave ounces, not confidence: Scalarworks mounts are engineered to be the lightest in their class, without sacrificing an ounce of strength. Expect up to 50% weight reduction compared to leading competitors, meaning faster handling, improved manoeuvrability, and a reduction in fatigue.
Strength that's anything but featherweight: Don't let the weight fool you. Scalarworks mounts are CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, the gold standard for aerospace and military applications. These mounts are virtually indestructible, impervious to recoil, drops, and harsh environments.

Red Dot Mastery:
Aimpoint T2? We've got you covered: Scalarworks LEAP/01 and LEAP/03 mounts are specifically designed for Aimpoint Micro T2 red dots, offering unmatched fit, strength, and a low-profile design. These mounts keep your sight picture clear and comfortable, giving you a crucial edge in speed and accuracy.
Beyond T2: Not an Aimpoint user? No problem. Scalarworks mounts are compatible with a wide range of other micro red dot sights from Trijicon, Holosun, Vortex, and more. Find the perfect match for your preferred optic.

Innovation that Wins:
Patent-pending designs: Scalarworks isn't afraid to think outside the box. Their mounts feature unique locking mechanisms and intuitive adjustments that are both incredibly durable and incredibly user-friendly.
Low drag, high performance: Streamlined profiles and meticulous design minimise snag hazards and wind resistance, keeping your mount focused on one thing: getting you on target faster.

More than just mounts:
Scalarworks is a community of shooters, enthusiasts, and professionals who demand the best from their gear. They offer exceptional customer service and a growing line of high-quality accessories, all designed to elevate your shooting experience.

When you choose Scalarworks, you're choosing:

  • Unparalleled lightness and strength
  • Red dot mounting perfection
  • Cutting-edge innovation
  • Unwavering commitment to performance