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Gas Blowback Vs AEG Airsoft Rifles
So, you’ve set your sights on buying an airsoft rifle. The next step is to decide which type is right for you. When it comes to modern airsoft rifles, one of the main factors to consider is which type of power format you want to go for. ‍ The two most popular types on the market are GBBR (Gas Blowback Rifle) and AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). The function of these rifles is essentially the same – to fire BBs. However, the technology that powers them is hugely different, as is the experience of using them.READ MORE

Airsoft Replicas Inspired By Guns From Movies
From war movies to action films and thrillers, discover which airsoft replicas best resemble weapons used on the big screen.READ MORE

Beginner's Guide To Airsoft Rifles
Airsoft has become a popular activity around the world, with players from all walks of life regularly enjoying the entertainment value, fitness benefits and social aspects that the sport provides. Airsoft enables individuals to enjoy simulated war-style scenarios without the threat that comes with real warfare, making it both exhilarating and safe. READ MORE

Airsoft Safety Guide - How To Play Airsoft Safely
Airsoft is a popular sport for leisure and competition that’s regularly enjoyed by players all over the UK. As you would expect from mock-combat activities - involving ever-more sophisticated equipment and backdrops – health and safety requirements are strenuously enforced and vitally important. READ MORE

Airsoft FAQ - Answers To Common Airsoft Questions
Are you looking to find out more about airsoft? If so, the following information will provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions about airsoft. READ MORE

The Best Airsoft Brands In 2023
Airsoft is a safe but realistic competitive sport involving tactical gun combat. Every year, as the sport grows more popular, airsoft equipment manufacturers strive to develop more realistic guns with better performance and tactical advantages. READ MORE

Airsoft UK Laws & Regulations
Airsoft is a sport enjoyed by a huge number of people. From keeping fit to socialising and perfecting your skills, there are many benefits that regular participation in Airsoft can provide. And as with anything, it is important to ensure that you understand and are aware of the laws and regulations around the sport before you play. READ MORE