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ASTER V3 SE Expert
GateASTER V3 SE Expert
In Stock
TITAN V3 Expert Module
GateTITAN V3 Expert Module
In Stock
Gate EON Gearbox V2 CNC - Silver
GateGate EON Gearbox V2 CNC - Silver
Out of Stock
Gate Bolt Catch Skull 1A1 CNC - Red
GateGate Bolt Catch Skull 1A1 CNC - Red
Out of Stock
Gate EON Tappet Plate V2 CNC
GateGate EON Tappet Plate V2 CNC
Out of Stock
Gate EON Protector Cylinder Head CNC
GateGate EON Protector Cylinder Head CNC
Out of Stock
Gate STATUS - Matt Dark Earth
GateGate STATUS - Matt Dark Earth
Out of Stock
Gate STATUS - Matt Black
GateGate STATUS - Matt Black
Out of Stock
Gate Blu-Link
GateGate Blu-Link
In Stock
Gate Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Red
GateGate Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Red
In Stock
Gate Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Blue
GateGate Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Blue
In Stock


Elevate Your Airsoft Experience with Gate: The Epitome of MOSFET Technology

In the realm of airsoft, Gate stands as a beacon of innovation, pioneering the development of cutting-edge MOSFET technology that revolutionizes the way airsoft enthusiasts interact with their gear. With a steadfast commitment to performance, Gate has garnered a reputation as the industry's benchmark for quality, reliability, and unparalleled functionality.

Unleash the True Potential of Your Airsoft Arsenal

Gate's MOSFETs seamlessly integrate with your airsoft rifle or pistol, transforming it into a force to be reckoned with. These marvels of engineering meticulously regulate the flow of electricity, ensuring peak performance and longevity of your airsoft gun.

A Symphony of Features for the Discerning Airsofter

Gate's MOSFETs boast an array of features that elevate your airsoft experience to new heights. From advanced burst modes and trigger response enhancements to programmable fire control and battery protection, Gate's MOSFETs empower you to tailor your airsoft setup to your exact preferences.

Gate: The Unwavering Choice of Airsoft Champions

Gate's MOSFETs have graced the hands of airsoft champions worldwide, propelling them to victory in countless tournaments and competitions. Professionals and recreational players alike rely on Gate's MOSFETs for their unwavering reliability and unmatched performance.

Experience the Gate Difference with TITAN, ASTER, and Pulsar

Gate's product portfolio encompasses a range of MOSFETs tailored to meet the diverse needs of airsoft enthusiasts.

  • Gate TITAN: The flagship MOSFET, offering unparalleled control, precision, and performance.
  • Gate ASTER: A versatile MOSFET, providing advanced features and user-friendly customisation.
  • Gate Pulsar: A revolutionary HPA engine, seamlessly integrating with TITAN II Bluetooth® for unmatched responsiveness and accuracy.

Embrace the Gate Standard

When you choose Gate, you choose to elevate your airsoft experience to a realm of unparalleled precision, control, and performance. With Gate's MOSFETs and HPA engines, your airsoft gun becomes an extension of your will, empowering you to dominate the battlefield with confidence and finesse.