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M14 / EBR Replica Airsoft Rifles

G&G Airsoft SOC16 with ETU AEG Rifle
G&G AirsoftG&G Airsoft SOC16 with ETU AEG Rifle
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M14 / EBR Replica Airsoft Rifles

Offering a realistic look and feel of M14 rifles used by US military operatives, these quality airsoft replicas add a little more range and impact to your game, and make a great choice for anyone looking for a capable all round weapon.

About The M14

The M14 enhanced battle rifle (EBR) is perhaps a lesser-known battle rifle in the USA. It is an American military selective fire battle rifle that was originally built for use in the Vietnam conflict. However, refined versions of the M14 made their way into production during the 1990s, offering improved accuracy and features and became a weapon of choice for a number of units in Afghanistan, as well as seeing use by special forces operatives.

These weapons have been designed for both ‘designated marksmen’ and longer range combat situations, where closer range assault rifles are not as well suited. Modern M14 variants offer a more compact body, and the rifle has been praised for its ergonomic design, low recoil and low cost.

M14 Airsoft Replicas

The M14 EBR replica is the perfect airsoft rifle for anyone who wants to be the ‘dedicated marksman’ in an airsoft game. Sturdy metal construction and customisable with additional sights and scopes makes it a great platform, perfect for long-range shots that require a steady hand and eye.

This M14 EBR is flawless in its performance, accuracy and range, and is incredibly similar to the original rifle. An M14 airsoft rifle is perfect for anyone who wants to accurately fire from long range, while still being able to engage with closer targets quickly and accurately.If you’re looking for a dedicated airsoft sniper rifle then an M14 replica can be a great choice as it also enables you to move and fire efficiently when needed