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Land Warrior Rifle Club

Land Warrior Rifle Club is a fully Home Office approved Full bore Rifle Club, based at our facility in Dalkeith, just outside Edinburgh.

We operate our own indoor live firing range, which can cater for firearms of calibre's such as .22LR, .357, .38, .44Mag and 9mm, as well as air weapons. It is not suitable for airsoft or paintball at all.

The range facility can only be used by Club Members and Guests at a Club Event.

New Members

Your first step to joining our Dalkeith rifle club is coming to one of our Guest Days, held every month at The Range at the Land Warrior premises. After this introduction you can then apply to join as a probationer member, pending police checks. The probation period lasts a minimum of 3 months, which we ask you attend and shoot at the rifle club at least 6 times. As a new member you will be required to be accompanied by one of our range officers or another club member for each shoot until the probation period is over.

Members of Other Clubs

If you have a membership with another Home Office recognised shooting club you have the benefit of joining our rifle club without the 3 month mandatory probation period, subject to reference's from your current Club Secretary.

LEAF New Members

Those potential members who are current Armed Law Enforcement can join as a new member with the possibility of negating the probation period at the Club Committee's discretion. Members of the armed forces are still required to join as a probationary member.

22nd August 2022