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Magpul Mounts & Pressure Switches Aiming Devices, Mounts and Bipods

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Magpul Mounts & Pressure Switches Aiming Devices, Mounts and Bipods

Magpul Mounts: Elevate Your Airsoft and BB Gun Experience

Magpul, a leading manufacturer of high-quality firearm accessories, also produces top-notch mounts for airsoft and BB guns. Their products are renowned for resilience, dependability, and versatility. Crafted from premium materials and designed to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding skirmishes, Magpul mounts are the epitome of quality and functionality.

Secure Your Rifle with Magpul Sling Mounts

Magpul sling mounts provide a secure and comfortable way to attach your airsoft or BB gun to your body. Available in a variety of styles to accommodate different gun and sling combinations, Magpul sling mounts are also easy to install and adjust to perfectly suit your requirements.

Immerse Yourself in Darkness with Magpul Flashlight Mounts

Magpul flashlight mounts seamlessly integrate a flashlight onto your airsoft or BB gun, transforming your weapon into a versatile tactical tool. Choose from a range of designs to match your flashlight and mounting system. Magpul flashlight mounts are built to last, ensuring your flashlight remains firmly in place even during intense firefights.

Commandeer Your Lights and Lasers with Magpul Pressure Pad Mounts

Magpul pressure pad mounts grant you intuitive control over your airsoft or BB gun's flashlight or laser. Available in a variety of styles to fit any pressure pad and mounting system, Magpul pressure pad mounts are incredibly durable and reliable, ensuring your pressure pad remains secure even under intense pressure.

Elevate Your Airsoft or BB Gun Experience with Magpul Mounts

Choose Magpul mounts for your airsoft or BB gun and elevate your game to new heights. Their resilience, dependability, and versatility will give you the edge you need to dominate your next skirmish.