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L85 / SA80 Airsoft Rifles

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G&G Airsoft L85A2 ETU AEG
G&G AirsoftG&G Airsoft L85A2 ETU AEG
Out of Stock
ICS L85 A2 SA80 Assault Rifle
ICSICS L85 A2 SA80 Assault Rifle
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G&G Airsoft L85 A1 ETU with Blowback
G&G AirsoftG&G Airsoft L85 A1 ETU with Blowback
Out of Stock
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L85 / SA80 Airsoft Rifles

Offering players the authentic look and feel of weapons used by British armed forces, SA80 airsoft rifles are available with high quality metal construction and premium features, making them a great choice for a range of combat scenarios.

About SA80 Rifles

The SA80 is a modern family of state of the art assault rifles, of which the primary model, the L85, is the current staple of the British Armed Forces. Its success has seen the L85 become the rifle of choice for all three of the UK's military services. Manufactured by Heckler & Koch, the L85 utilises a standard magazine of 30 5.56mm rounds and is capable of being operated both in semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes. In addition, the L85 can also be fitted with a diverse range of accessories, including a variety of optical sights and even a bayonet.

Having been in continuous active service since the mid-1980s, this tried and tested rifle has seen front line use across the globe on almost every continent. The most recent iteration of the L85, the L85-A3, has been in use with the British Armed Forces since 2018.

SA80 Replica Airsoft Rifles

One of these authentic and highly realistic replicas of the British military assault rifle will make a fantastic addition to your airsoft rifle collection. With the reliability and ease of use that comes with high quality electric airsoft rifles, when you choose an L85 replica, true to life British Military roleplay can be achieved with exacting detail.

Featuring a high-quality metal construction giving you an authentic feel to the original rifle, our SA80/L85 replicas will provide you with the most exhilarating airsoft experience possible. Capable of being installed with additional attachments such as upgraded optics, torches and aiming devices, the SA80/L85 airsoft rifle offers unbeatable customisation potential. If you are looking for a highly authentic representation of a famous military weapon to take your airsoft to the next level, the SA80/L85 replicas are a great solution for the ultimate airsoft combat.