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CZ75 Airsoft Pistols

CZ75 Airsoft Pistols

The CZ75 pistol is considered by many to be one of the best combat sidearms ever made, and its ergonomic design and smooth action translates perfectly onto the airsoft pistols field. Let's look at why it's so popular.

The real-life CZ75 was a labour of love created by retired designers from the famous CZ arms company, who believed they could improve on the user experience found in other famous handguns from Browning and Colt. That excellent usability was factored into the design, including its famously smooth action and the unique form of its grip, and has been passed forward to these airsoft sidearms, which benefit from access to the original designs and drawings provided by CZ themselves. This dedication to the original design is clear throughout this model, which is full of excellent extra touches from the stainless steel effect trigger, outer barrel and breach, and the additions of the appropriate trademarks and logos on the side.

This model is exclusively available from ASG and has been translated for airsoft use by leading competition shooters. It is simple, durable and reliable despite its excellent looks and premium finish. A number of variations to the base model are available, including different colour schemes and finishes as well as interchangeable triggers and trigger guards, to ensure that you can customise your weapon to your needs. As a gas-operated weapon, it's comfortable operating on both CO2 and green gas and works equally well using either.

This model and its many optional extras are available from Land Warrior Airsoft, where you'll also benefit from our commitment to fast delivery and quality products in every department. We stock a huge range of airsoft guns and airsoft sidearms, including electric airsoft rifles and gas-operated rifles of virtually every type. Check out our site or get in touch for more information about our impressive range.