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Air Rifles & Pistols

.177 Airgun Darts - Pack of 100
Umarex.177 Airgun Darts - Pack of 100
In Stock
Steel .177cal BB's (5000rd Bottle)
UmarexSteel .177cal BB's (5000rd Bottle)
In Stock
Steel .177 Pellets - Bag of 500
UmarexSteel .177 Pellets - Bag of 500
In Stock
P1911 Match 4.5mm CO2 Air Pistol
Swiss ArmsP1911 Match 4.5mm CO2 Air Pistol
Now £69.99 £74.99
In Stock
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Air Rifles & Pistols

Unleash the Marksman Within: A Deep Dive into Air Rifles and Air Guns

Air rifles and air guns, often lumped together, offer a unique blend of precision, power, and fun, all without the hefty price tag and noise of their real-steel counterparts. Whether you're a seasoned sharpshooter, a plinking enthusiast, or a curious newcomer, there's an airgun out there waiting to ignite your inner marksman. Buckle up, because we're taking a deep dive into this exhilarating world!

Pistol Power:
These compact companions are perfect for backyard target practice. The world of air pistols is diverse, catering to a variety of preferences:

CO2 Pistols: These offer realistic blowback action, mimicking the recoil of a real firearm and adding an extra layer of excitement to each shot. Imagine the satisfying "kick" as you send down a perfectly aimed pellet!

Rifle Revolution:
Air rifles take things to the next level, offering extended range, increased power, and a wider variety of firing mechanisms:

M4 Mastery: For a familiar feel and tactical flexibility, M4-style air rifles are a popular choice. These versatile rifles offer a plethora of customisation options, perfect for long-range target practice.

Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Airguns: These high-powered rifles utilise compressed air stored in a refillable tank, offering exceptional accuracy and consistent power over multiple shots. Perfect for serious enthusiasts.