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Paintball Markers and Guns

Umarex HDR 50 Rubber Velcro Patch
UmarexUmarex HDR 50 Rubber Velcro Patch
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Paintball Markers and Guns

Unleash the Fury: Umarex Paintball Markers for Every Skirmisher
Umarex paintball markers are renowned for their unwavering reliability, realistic designs, and innovative features. Whether you're a seasoned gunslinger or a fresh recruit, Umarex has the perfect weapon to elevate your game.

Dominate the battlefield with precision and power:

  • T4E Paintball Series: Experience realism like never before with Umarex's T4E line. These markers replicate iconic firearms, from sleek pistols like the PPQ M2 (.43 cal) to pump-action shotguns like the HDS 68.

  • HDR/TR Revolvers: Channel your inner Clint Eastwood with the HDR 50 and TR 50 revolvers. These six-shot beauties offer impressive accuracy and a satisfyingly old-school firing mechanism

  • TP 50 Series: Compact and versatile, the TP 50 pistols are ideal for close-quarters combat. Choose from magazine-fed or revolver options, both packing enough punch to leave your mark.

  • Magfed Marker Majesty: Umarex is a champion of magfed paintball, offering exceptional markers like the HDP 50 and TM4 .43 cal. These magazine-fed beasts provide unparalleled reliability and customisation options.

Why Choose Umarex?

  • German Engineering: Umarex markers are built to last, using high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship.
  • Trusted Brand: With over 40 years of experience, Umarex is a paintball powerhouse you can rely on.
  • Innovation and Realism: Umarex pushes the boundaries of paintball technology while staying true to real-world firearm designs.
  • Variety for Every Player: Whether you're a beginner, recreational player, or competitive pro, Umarex has a marker for you.

Ready to step up your paintball game? Browse our extensive selection of Umarex markers and accessories today and discover the power, precision, and excitement that awaits.

Remember: Always follow paintball safety guidelines and wear proper protective gear before hitting the field.

Happy Skirmishing!