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Parts Barrels

Laylax PSS10 555mm 6.03mm Barrel
LaylaxLaylax PSS10 555mm 6.03mm Barrel
In Stock
Prometheus EG Barrel 285mm MC51
LaylaxPrometheus EG Barrel 285mm MC51
In Stock
Knighthawk Front Set (Limited Edition) GP-COK005
G&PKnighthawk Front Set (Limited Edition) GP-COK005
Now £155.99 £194.99
In Stock
G36 RAS Rail
G&G AirsoftG36 RAS Rail
In Stock
G36K RAS Rail
G&G AirsoftG36K RAS Rail
In Stock
Standard Outer Barrel
G&G AirsoftStandard Outer Barrel
Now £29.99 £39.98
In Stock
Upgrade barrel 6.03mm x 433mm
UltimateUpgrade barrel 6.03mm x 433mm
Now £29.99 £32.50
In Stock
Upgrade barrel 6.03mm x 455mm
UltimateUpgrade barrel 6.03mm x 455mm
Now £29.99 £32.50
In Stock
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