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40mm Grenade Shells for M203 and M320 Launchers

Unleash the Boom! Explore the Power of Airsoft 40mm Gas Grenades
Airsoft grenades add a whole new dimension to the tactical game. Forget wimpy smoke grenades; gas grenades bring the thunder, showering the battlefield with BBs and sending your opponents scrambling for cover.

What are gas grenades?

These impressive airsoft devices use pressurised gas to propel a hail of BBs over a wide area. Imagine a paintball grenade, but firing hundreds of plastic spheres instead of messy paint. They're perfect for:

Taking objectives: Suppress enemy fire and cover your advance with a tactical grenade barrage.
Adding excitement to any game: Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like the boom of a grenade and the spray of BBs.

Remember, gas grenades are powerful tools. Always follow these safety guidelines:

Wear proper eye protection: A stray BB can sting, so goggles are a must.
Use in open areas: Avoid using gas grenades in enclosed spaces to prevent injuries.
Follow field rules: Check your local field's regulations on grenade usage.
Ready to unleash the boom? Browse our selection of airsoft gas grenades today and experience the ultimate in tactical firepower!