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Gate Internal Parts

Gate Blu-Link
GateGate Blu-Link
In Stock
Gate Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Red
GateGate Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Red
In Stock
Gate Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Blue
GateGate Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Blue
In Stock
Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Yellow
GateQuantum Trigger 1A1 - Yellow
In Stock
Gate Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Grey
GateGate Quantum Trigger 1A1 - Grey
In Stock
Gate xASR
GateGate xASR
In Stock
Gate TITAN Tactical Programming Card
GateGate TITAN Tactical Programming Card
Out of Stock
Gate PicoSSR 3 micro MOSFET
GateGate PicoSSR 3 micro MOSFET
In Stock

Gate Internal Parts

Elevate Your Airsoft Experience with GATE's Innovative Electronics

Unleash the true potential of your airsoft gun with GATE's cutting-edge electronics, designed to enhance performance, efficiency, and control. Whether you're a seasoned airsoft enthusiast or just starting out, GATE's lineup of MOSFETs, ECUs, and triggers will revolutionize your airsoft experience.

GATE MOSFETs: The Foundation of Airsoft Electronics

Upgrade your airsoft gun's trigger response and protect your electrical components with GATE's MOSFETs. These intelligent electronic switches replace mechanical contacts, ensuring faster trigger pull, consistent performance, and extended battery life. Choose from a range of MOSFETs tailored to your specific needs, including the popular WARFET, MERF, and Pico 系列.

GATE ECUs: Unleash the Power of Modern Airsoft

Take your airsoft performance to the next level with GATE's revolutionary ECUs. These advanced electronic control units seamlessly integrate with your airsoft gun's electronics, providing unprecedented control over firing modes, trigger sensitivity, and motor performance. Discover the ultimate in airsoft control with GATE's Titan, Aster, and Pulsar ECUs.

GATE Nova Trigger: Precision Meets Performance

Experience unparalleled trigger response and unmatched reliability with GATE's Nova Trigger. This CNC-machined trigger mechanism boasts exceptional precision and durability, delivering crisp, consistent trigger pulls every time. Enhance your airsoft experience with the Nova Trigger and feel the difference.

GATE: Your Gateway to Airsoft Excellence

With GATE's innovative electronics, you'll experience airsoft like never before. Elevate your performance, enhance your control, and unleash the true potential of your airsoft gun with GATE's MOSFETs, ECUs, and triggers. Upgrade to GATE today and discover the difference.